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The transaction was carried out with all Finproject and Padanaplast management and employees remaining on board, and will enable Versalis to create a top value supply chain in the market of polymers for special applications.

Roccabianca, 22 September 2021 – Finproject, Group to which Padanaplast, excellence in the production of cross-linkable and polyolefin-based materials since 1971, belongs to, announces that it has started the procedure which will result in the transfer of 100% of its shares to Versalis, Eni’s chemical company. 

The Finproject industrial group, based in Marche region, is a leader in the manufacture of thermoplastic cross-linkable compounds and in the moulding of products for the footwear industry as well as products in ultralight material under the XL EXTRALIGHT® brand. 

“This industrial transaction means so much to us because it represents placing the company firmly within Italy’s industrial history while also decisively investing in the company’s future. When it all began, in 1965, we never could have imagined that we would contribute so significantly to a transformation that has led us to be recognised as a genuine point of excellence within our industry” affirmed Maurizio Vecchiola, President and Chief Executive Officer of Finproject, and President of Padanaplast . 

The transaction was carried out with all Finproject/Padanaplast management and employees remaining on board, and will enable the company to face increasingly compelling challenges, acquire new skills and become stronger and more international than ever.

The agreement entered into demonstrates that from one hand we can strive to change the dimension of our business while maintaining our steadfast Italian roots; on the other hand, it allows Versalis to add a product range to its portfolio downstream of the supply chain and solutions that will contribute to accelerating the ongoing energy transition, while focusing considerable attention on sustainability. The agreement also offers added value, in light of the current economic situation that Italy is experiencing and the complex global post-Covid scenario. 

And that is not all. Our region will be able to benefit from the presence of a solid player that has always worked with the utmost social responsibility for local communities. Maurizio Vecchiola continued: “When we began our discussions with Versalis (Eni), it was clear to us that we were speaking the same language, and that we could count on a strong correspondence between our values - care and attention for people and the community first and foremost - which is also due to the very geographical origin of the founders of the two companies: Marche, our culture and our robust way of doing business in close connection with people and our region”.

Padanaplast featured on Il Sole 24 Ore as a leading excellence in compounding since 1971, also in providing sustainable solutions

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In recent days, Adriano Alfani, CEO of Versalis (Eni), took part in the welcome visit organized in the Finproject Industrial Group Headquarter (Padanaplast’s Mother Company), in Morrovalle. 
The industrial partnership between Finproject and Versalis, Eni’s chemical company, was one of the last transactions announced in the days immediately prior to the lockdown that brought the country to a halt. 
The Finproject – Versalis transaction is creating a new industrial competence centre specialising in special plastic materials that will play a leading role in the development of the sector in Italy and globally. 
Finproject’s positioning on the market for high added-value applications is integrated with Versalis’s technological and industrial leadership in the chemical industry, creating a significant value chain. 
Together, they will develop new materials with a sustainability and circularity approach, creating solutions that can bring innovation to countless strategic sectors such as wire and cable, footwear, automotive, design and many other emerging industries. 
All this while looking to the future with a view to social, environmental and economic growth. 

Padanaplast festeggia il suo 50 Anniversario.

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Padanaplast, azienda leader nella produzione di materiali plastici speciali prodotti in Italia, festeggia il suo 50 Anniversario. 

Padanaplast, fondata a Roccabianca in provincia di Parma il 5 maggio del 1971 dal Rag. Carlo Avanzini è stata una delle prime aziende al mondo a produrre materiali plastici innovativi a base poliolefinica per il settore dei cavi e tubi. 

50 Anni di esperienza messi al servizio di una clientela mondiale esigente grazie anche a un team di persone esperte e dinamiche che lavorano insieme per combinare la forza del loro ingegno con la migliore qualità produttiva.  

La Mission dell’azienda è quella di sviluppare nuovi Materiali che unendosi al portafoglio-prodotti esistente, mirano a fornire al mercato soluzioni di valore aggiunto per aiutare la transizione energetica in atto con particolare riferimento ai settori e-mobilty e delle energie rinnovabili. 

Padanaplast è entrata a far parte del Gruppo industriale italiano Finproject nel giugno 2017 dopo sedici anni sotto la guida della multinazionale Solvay ed attualmente impiega circa 130 addetti. Con l’ingresso di Eni Versalis (24 luglio 2021) nel capitale si sono rafforzate ancor di più l’innovazione e la ricerca attraverso un lavoro congiunto che ha portato un nuovo mind-set aziendale che riguarda ogni area e non il semplice dipartimento.  

Innovazione che tocca il prodotto ma anche i processi produttivi - al fine di poter offrire alla clientela finale nuove soluzioni nel rispetto della sostenibilità ambientale e contribuendo a creare un polo di eccellenza delle materie plastiche tutto italiano.  

I compounds reticolabili sono la soluzione ideale perché in grado di resistere ad un’ampia gamma di temperature di utilizzo finale, oltre a vantare forte resistenza chimica e prestazioni durature in condizioni difficili. La linea di prodotti principali include XL-Polyolefins, XL-Halogen Free Flame Retardant “Cogegum”, XL-Elastomer “Polidiemme”, composti XLPE e PEX “Polidan” per il settore Wire & Cable e per tubi e altre applicazioni.

News from Padanaplast

Padanaplast offers new advanced HFFR compounds for high-performance wires and cables for electric vehicles

Roccabianca, Italy, October 22, 2020 
Padanaplast specializes in crosslinkable polyolefin halogen free flame retardant (XLPO-HFFR) compounds for wires and cables and offers a range of products developed to meet the stringent needs of electric mobility in the automotive industry. “The surging development of complex hybrid, all-electric and fuel cell vehicles demand advanced automotive wires and cables to meet a range of voltages and performance criteria,” said Antonello Casale R&I & Technical Service Chief Manager at Padanaplast. “We are complementing our successful range of HFFR insulation and sheathing for wire and cabling for e-mobility with the introduction of experimental T4 150°C grade of Cogegum® GFR.” The new Cogegum® GFR 1709-27 T4 grade is specifically developed for high voltage (HV) ultra-flexible battery cables offering excellent thermal and mechanical performance and resistance to automotive fluids for next generation electric vehicle powertrains. Padanaplast Cogegum® GFR 1401-76 and Cogegum® GFR 1401-190 products comply with RoHS requirements and intended for T3 (125°C) primary insulation optimized for technical performance and cost-effective production. In addition, Polidiemme® G elastomer grades are RoHS and EN 50620 standard, fully compliant and extensively used as insulating materials for electric vehicle charging cables ensuring high flexibility and reliability. Padanaplast products are manufactured to meet the most relevant and stringent international standards for automotive cable including ISO (Europe) 6722 Class C; LV 112; SAE (USA) J 1128; and JASO (Japan) D 611. All grades are crosslinked using silane-grafting technology coupled with a non-halogenated flame-retardant system that contribute self-extinguishing properties without halogenidric acids evolution, toxic and corrosive gases and dark smoke emissions. In addition, automotive wires and cables manufactured using Padanaplast’s materials display non-corrosive properties which facilitates end-of-life recycling. 

® Cogegum and Polidiemme are registered trademarks of Padanaplast S.r.l.

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Padanaplast manufactures a range of Cogegum® GFR T4 (150°C) and T3 (125°C) grades and Polidiemme® G elastomer grades specifically developed for automotive wires and cables offering excellent thermal and mechanical performance and resistance to automotive fluids for next generation e-mobility powertrains. 

PADANAPLAST inaugurates the exhibition "DON CAMILLO AND PEPPONE, from cinema to reality"             

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Saturday 20 June at 11 Padanaplast and the Mayor Elena Benassi inaugurated the exhibition "Don Camillo and Peppone, from cinema to reality", an unusual journey into the imaginary of the characters and stories born from the pen of Giovannino Guareschi and their literary transfiguration, cinematographic, environmental and customary, in the inheritances cultured and developed by the territories of Parma and the Po river in Reggio, in particular in Brescello, a location chosen for the making of the films, starting from 1951.

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PADANAPLAST donates 50.000 euros to the district of Fidenza - USL of Parma               

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Padanaplast, a company belonging to the Finproject Industrial group of the Marche region and specialized in the production of special plastic materials since 1971, has donated € 50.000 to the Fidenza District of the Parma Local Health Authority of Parma as a contribution against the national health emergency. 

The Roccabianca company took the field to support the local health structures in this difficult moment that sees the whole country, and Emilia-Romagna in particular, fighting against an invisible enemy. 

The transaction is part of the vast € 200.000 aid plan that the parent company Finproject has made available to the areas in which it is present with its production sites and represents a gesture of solidarity in line with the sense of belonging to the territory and social responsibility that have animated the Group's work for 55 years. 

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Padanaplast, azienda facente parte del Gruppo Industriale marchigiano Finproject e specializzata nella produzione di materiali plastici speciali dal 1971, ha donato al Distretto di Fidenza dell’azienda USL di Parma 50.000 euro come contributo contro l’emergenza sanitaria nazionale. 

L’azienda di Roccabianca è scesa in campo per sostenere le strutture sanitarie del territorio in questo difficile momento che vede l’intero Paese, e l’Emilia-Romagna in particolare, in lotta contro un nemico invisibile. 

L’operazione rientra nel vasto piano di aiuti da 200.000 euro che la capogruppo Finproject ha messo a disposizione delle aree in cui è presente con i suoi siti produttivi e rappresenta un gesto di solidarietà in linea con il senso di appartenenza al territorio e la responsabilità sociale che animano l’operato del Gruppo da 55 anni. 

Messe Düsseldorf postpones wire and Tube Düsseldorf 2020                         

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Wire 2020. 20 March - 03 April at Düsseldorf Trade Fair Center.

Padanaplast will take part at the world's most important trade fair for the wire and cable industry. Come and see us to discover a wide range of innovative and high performing products. 

Hall 12 Booth: 12C11

wire Düsseldorf

PADANAPLAST. Smart People Technology Material book

A point of reference to fully reflect on how we will live in the future. Materials and technologies for a sustainable city, for health and well-being in the urban environment, for the reduction of consumption and the management of waste and resources with a view to circularity. 

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Smart People Technology Material


Padanaplast announces on the occasion of the "Emilia Romagna Open" event, four days open to visit the companies and laboratories of Emilia Romagna, will participate by opening the doors of its establishment to visitors, Saturday 28th September. 

In order to find out where the products that made Emilia Romagna famous in the world are born, in a system of relationships that produces value, where technology is an instrument of symbiosis and empathy. Padanaplast has joined the initiative and will organize visits in groups of 20 people for all ages according the program.

wire India 2018

Padanaplast at Cable & Wire Fair 2019 New Delhi India, 6-8th November 2019

Padanaplast participates at Cable & Wire Fair 2019 New Delhi India. From 6 to 8 November. Visit us: Booth No. 11-77

Come and visit our booth from 6 till 8 November 2019. New Products for specialty applications will be presented.

Booth No. 11-77

wire India 2018

Padanaplast at K 2019 Düsseldorf, 16-23th October 2019

This year, too, as every edition, we will take part to the World’s No. I Trade Fair for Plastic and Rubbers K 2019. 

The exhibition will take place from 16 to 23 October at the Düsseldorf exhibition centre. An extensive supporting programme supplements the exhibitors’ presentations. Especially noteworthy are the special show titled “Plastics shape the future” and the Science Campus as the forum for exchanges on science and research. 

Come and visit our booth from 16 till 23 October 2019 
Hall 7 BO8

wire India 2018

Padanaplast at Wire South East Asia Bangkong, 18-20th September 2019

Padanaplast participates at the 13th International Wire & Cable Trade Fair for Southeast Asia held to Bangkong, Thailand. From 18 to 23 September. Visit us: Booth No. D31

Come and visit our booth from 18 till 20 September 2019 
Booth D31 

wire India 2018

Padanaplast celebrates Guareschi at the Palazzo Pirelli

Don Camillo and Peppone at Palazzo Pirelli: at the end of the Guareschi year, the headquarters of the Regional Council hosts the exhibition "My heart is branded by Mi", curated by the association " Gruppo Amici di Giovannino Guareschi ”and sponsored Padanaplast.

The exhibition, open until July 27, was inaugurated by the president of the regional council Alessandro Fermi in the presence of regional councilors and by Enrico Beruschi, cabaret artist and theater man who has always been in love with the irony and comedy of Guareschi.

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Padanaplast will take part in the third edition of the exhibition Smart City: People, Technology and Materials" Milan. From March 13th to April 14th

Padanaplast will take part in the third edition of the exhibition "Smart City: People, Technology and Materials",  on stage in the spaces of Superstudio 13 in Via Bugatti 9 and Via Forcella 13 from March 13th to April 14th 2019. Padanplast intends to 

stimulate ideas and debates on the guiding theme of the "Latin way to smart city": a Smart City that is a system of relationships that produces value, where technology is an instrument of symbiosis and empathy. 

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Sustainable innovation. Finproject group, member of the SPRING cluster.

Finproject group, mother company of Padanaplast, becomes a member of the SPRING cluster for the purpose to create synergies among active innovative entities aiming to develop the whole green chemistry sector with the aim to foster a new economy (bioeconomy). The Cluster wants to be a stimulus for 

sustainable innovation, a spring for development and for a systemic growth focused on bioeconomy. An initiative that evolves in constant dialogue with the actors of local areas, in full respect of biodiversity.
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Let’s be smart together. Padanaplast, partner of the multi-disciplinary consortium that contributes to the implementation of a stronger European industrial sector.

Padanaplast, partner of the multi-disciplinary consortium that contributes to the implementation of a stronger European industrial sector n the field of solar energy and demonstrate new cost-effective BIPV product concepts with high quality architectural design. 

The Be-Smart project expects to contribute to the implementation of policies toward nearly Zero-Energy Buildings.

By achieving substantial reductions to BIPV costs and triggering BIPV penetration in the building sector, it also expects to contribute to the creation of new opportunities and diversification in the European PV manufacturing industry. 

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Padanaplast S.r.l. will increase prices for all Cogegum® GFR, crosslinkable HFFR (XL-LS0H, XLPO), grades by up to 10% effective 1 February 2019, or as current contracts allow.

Padanaplast S.r.l. will increase prices for all Cogegum® GFR, crosslinkable HFFR (XL-LS0H, XLPO), grades by up to 10% effective 1 February 2019, or as current contracts allow. 
The price adjustment has become necessary due to the remarkable price increase of some key raw materials like precipitated flame retardant fillers, silanes, silicones and additives, as well as electricity and labor cost. 

Our sales force will be at your disposal for further information.


Wire India 2018. 27-29th November at Bombay Convention & Exhibition Centre, Goregaon (East), Mumbai, India.

Padanaplast participates at the No. 1 trade fair for the Wire and cable industry on the Indian subcontinent, held at the Bombay Exhibition Centre in Mumbai, India, from 27 to 29 November.

Visit us : Hall No. 1 Booth No. B 120

wire India 2018
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Padanaplast official sponsor of the XXIII PLASTIC MATERIALS CONGRESS: SMART CITY - MATERIALS AND TECHNOLOGIES FOR MOVING AND LIVING. November 15th, 2018 CDH Hotel Parma & Congressi - Parma.

The quality of life in our cities also passes through innovation in the various technological sectors. Padanaplast believes in technological innovation and for this reason has chosen to be an official sponsor of the XXIII PLASTIC CONGRESS with an exhibition space inside the event. 

Come and discover how an innovative polymer with excellent thermal and chemical resistance can make the difference for the city of the future.

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Smart city

From the main italian and international headlines, the news review of Padanaplast at wire 2018.

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"Padanaplast va introduire de nouveaux grades avancés de composés réticulables” 
"Padanaplast führt auf der Wire Düsseldorf 2018 fortschrittliche neue vernetzbare und halogenfrei flammwidrige Cogegum®"
"Nuovi compound HFFR per cavi"
"Огнестойкие безгалогеновые компаунды для проводов и кабелей" 
"Padanaplast to Unveil HFFR Technology-based Compounds for Wire 2018"
"Halogen-free flame-retardant grades for demanding cable insulation"
"Padanaplast va introduire de nouveaux grades avancés de composés réticulables" 

Wire 2018. 16-20th April at Düsseldorf Trade Fair Center.

Padanaplast will take part at the world's most important trade fair for the wire and cable industry. Come and see us at Hall/Booth: 12B30, to discover a wide range of innovative and high performing products.

wire Düsseldorf

Padanaplast will exhibit at PLASTINDIA 2018, GANDHINAGAR, GUJARAT, 7-12th February.

PLASTINDIA is one of the largest exhibitions of India that concentrates on the plastic industry. Come and see us at HALL NO. 2 BOOTH NO. B7 H2B7 to discover a wide range of innovative and highly exclusive products.

Plastindia 2018

Ethical Code of Padanaplast

The Board of Directors of Padanaplast S.r.l. during the meeting dated 26/09/2017, adopted the Ethical Code of the Group. The document can be consulted at the following link:

Ethical Code

Padanaplast at the Cable & Wire Fair 2017 (CWF17)

Padanaplast will be present at the Cable & Wire Fair 2017 (CWF17) that will be held from October 5-7, 2017 ain New Delhi, India. Held biennially, CWF is fast becoming an integrating stage to showcase the humungous Indian wire and cable market to the world and fetch latest global industry trends to the Indian soil by attracting all relevant contributors of the industry.

Cable & Wire fair

Italian group buys Solvay's cross-linkable compounds unit

Italian industrial group Finproject SpA has completed the acquisition of Solvay’s Padanaplast unit based in Roccabianca, Italy. Specialised in the production of polyolefin cross-linkable compounds, that are used in applications in the wire and cable, as well as pipe industries.
Finproject said that the acquisition of Padanaplast completed its portfolio of special polyolefin based materials “I believe that the synergies that will be created between Finproject group companies and Padanaplast will be very interesting both from the technological and from the productive points of view,” said Maurizio Vecchiola, Finproject Industries’ CEO and new president of Padanaplast.

Finproject news

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